Customer Reviews of Chelmsford at War

Just a quick email to say how much my husband and I are enjoying your new book. We remember Chelmsford before a lot of the good bits were pulled down in the 60's,and enjoy seeing your photo's, and all the news snippets from the papers.  We have your original book, and we are getting a lot of pleasure  from all your hard work. Thank you for going to the trouble of updating with this new book. - MF

Wow I have been reading it most of today and I have only scratched the surface . It is a huge reference point for further research. It made me think of my late mum & dad who both lived through the war in Chelmsford as kids (mum at Regina rd & dad at West ave ) and the storied they told me about watching the battle of Britain & the German planes following the railway line up through the Bunnywalk  Looking for Hoffmanns . - SF

You have surpassed yourself! What a phenomenal record you have created. Some amazing photos and information: the minutiae I find particularly interesting as it gives you detail and information not covered in more general books. The format is brilliant and the maps and graphics are really excellent - were you a newspaper sub? Your layout and design makes it look like you subbed newspapers! The aircraft profiles and eyewitness statements also help to further liven the story. Top work. - AR

A substantial achievement. I have sussed out my own bits and must explore it more fully at leisure. I hope it sells well. Thanks again. - GS

My brother received his book on Saturday and is delighted. - JS

The book arrived today.  Thanks very much for posting it to me.  As you say a heavy book!  I am looking forward to going through it and fully realise the amount of research you must have put into it. - BW

Thank you very much for the books. They’re absolutely marvellous. The book was clearly a huge amount of work and the result is astonishing in its depth and thoroughness. I have only leafed through so far but I am staggered and very pleased. A very important book!  - TB

I have just finished my first browse through it and it is excellent!  You have done a fantastic job. Many more happy hours of reading to follow...- MO

I have to say I'm very impressed having flicked through it initially. - DM

Thank you for Chelmsford at War in so many ways. It is a lovely publication, so very well put together. Sadly, as you clearly had researched my mother did not make it to see her story included but she would have been very pleased to see the inclusions. I am really enjoying the book, seeing names that I heard in my childhood, then finding out who they are and what part they played in my parents life. A wonderful publication - RW

Received the book today, many thanks. Already found some accounts from my family! 👍 going to be a fascinating read, cheers. - DB

It looks fantastic. Clearly a labour of love! - SD

Just to say my dad is over the moon! Thank you so much. - CB

Just want to let you know that my husband is so pleased with his book, I've hardly had a word out if him as he cant put the book down.  Hes already found several stories about things he can relate to and stories he didn't know about.  A very impressive collection of news stories in the book and great value for the money. - SS

Just to say thank you for your book which arrived promptly. We have thoroughly enjoyed looking up all the contributions from my mother and her cousin. Our attention was caught by many other items of interest along the way too! What an incredible amount of research and collation must have gone into the book. Many thanks for a most enjoyable and informative read. We look forward to many more hours of browsing and discovery. - GS

I have just finished reading your brilliant book from start to finish, six pages a day, over the past two months. I have learnt so much and the detail is fantastic. Thank you for all the effort you put into this book. - TF